TealHouse Team


Jaqui McCarthy, CEO, and Bobby Lounsbury, CTO, saw a need for innovation in the fashion industry, where environmental and ethical issues often go unaddressed. Together, they founded TealHouse™ to tackle these challenges and create meaningful change. Learn more.

A rich history

Kansas City

Alongside NYC and Paris, Kansas City was once a global leader in Fashion. Its rich fashion history includes the nations first out door shopping mall, the largest garment factory in the 21st century, and where fashion icon Kate Spade grew up. At TealHouse™, we're reclaiming KC's title as a global fashion leader, with a focus on sustainability and IP.

Our commitment


At TealHouse™, we believe that luxury is a deep understanding of privilege and our power to challenge the status quo with it.

Luxury is about more than wealth, it’s a commitment to what we believe. That's why we've began on a journey to redefine luxury. Learn more.

Radically different

Same on the outside, different on the inside

While our products may look like other products on the outside, on the inside they are radically different. From ideation to end of life, we've taken a completely different approach to our product development. Learn more.