Product care
A little self-care goes a long way. Here’s how to take care of your purchase.

1. The Teal Bottom sole:
Please be advised that the teal bottom soles of our shoes will become worn with regular use. Do not worry, as this is not a defect of the shoe and is expected to happen from normal use similarly to other luxury products with colorful soles. 

2. Vegan leather upkeep:
Not only does vegan leather make you look good, it also makes you feel good because it’s cruelty-free. With proper care, you can keep your Teal Bottoms looking good for the long-term. 
  •     Keep your shoes’ surface clean and dry, using a dry, soft cloth.
  •     Always clean your shoes by hand.
  •     Always store your shoes away from excessive light, heat, rain, and humidity.
  •     When not in use, store your footwear in the TealHouse Inc. dust bag provided.
  •     Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

3. Repairs:
TealHouse Inc. guarantees its products for three months from the date of purchase. The warranty covers only items that present a manufacturing fault, and does not cover damages arising from dye transference, accident or misuse, excessive wear, or from any alterations, services, or repairs performed by a third party.

Should you need to repair or refurbish an item purchased online please contact a repair specialist. 

As we’re still fairly new, we don’t have any ongoing relationships with repair specialists (though we’d love to one day). So for now, we assume no responsibility nor endorse or approve any repair specialists, or any of the products or services they offer.

Consumers who make use of a repair or refurbish specialist have the sole responsibility for evaluating the suitability of the locations, their operations and the results of any repairs they conduct.